Photography My Year In Review 2017

DSLRPRO Year In Review 2017

It’s a cold rainy Saturday December 23, 2017, I’m sitting in my recliner pondering 2017 from a career, business and photography perspective. In many ways all three are intertwined. My day job is a 9-5 where I’m Director of IT and Technical Maintenance Manager and nearly every other waking moment is occupied by my family of recreation and technical websites. Through a series of unfortunate events and now desperate decisions by the ownership I believe that fate of the day job is not looking good for myself, my girl and my coworkers. My own website businesses are on the decline because while most do not realize it the internet has become pay to play and the voices of regular folks Continue ReadingPhotography My Year In Review 2017

It’s The Lens Not The Camera

  It’s The Lens Not The Camera It’s very easy to get caught up in wanting the latest and greatest Nikon or Canon DSLR camera body but truth be told if you already own a decent body such as a Nikon D90, Nikon D7000, or a Canon 60D you would do far better saving your money for a professional quality lens. The points is unless your current camera does not do something you need you probably have little compelling reason to upgrade. However investing in a professional quality lens while a significant expense and most likely to cost more than a new body it is a purchase that will last many years and more importantly outlast many camera bodies. This Continue ReadingIt’s The Lens Not The Camera

My appologies for the lack of updates

It has been such a crazy several months. I spent all summer taking pictures with my Nikon D800 rather than talking about it. Then in September, Labor Day weekend to be exact I came down with some health issues. While that sucked it was an eye opener about lifestyle choices. Part of the new lifestyle change aside from eating right I have started cycling once again. I have always loved cycling but I got sidelined a few years ago from a fall I took while walking. Now I am so back into cycling that I even started a blog “The Practical Bike” in the hopes it will appeal to other similarly aged and experienced riders. Anyhow back to the task Continue ReadingMy appologies for the lack of updates


Download the file here Note: NEF Codec is a module that makes Nikon RAW (.NEF) image files as easy to work with as JPEG and TIFF images Supported Cameras Digital SLR Cameras D4, D3X, D3S, D3, D2XS, D2X, D2HS, D2H, D1X, D1H, D1, D90, D80, D70S, D70, D60, D50, D40X, D40, D800E, D800, D700, D300S, D300, D200, D100, D7000, D5100, D5000, D3200, D3100, D3000 Advanced Camera with Interchangeable Lenses Nikon 1 J2, Nikon 1 J1, Nikon 1 V1 Digital Compact Cameras COOLPIX 8800, COOLPIX 8700, COOLPIX 8400, COOLPIX 5700, COOLPIX 5400, COOLPIX 5000

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack – OPEN NIKON, CANON RAW FILES in WINDOWS 7

An updated Windows 7 Microsoft Camera Codec Pack was released today. What the heck is this Microsoft Camera Codec Pack and why do you care? Quite simply this download installs a piece of software that will allow you to open your CANON .CR2 and NIKON .NEF raw files just like any other picture on your computer without additional software from Canon, NIKON, Adobe etc. Download the file here. The only thing you need to know is whether or not your computer is 32 or 64 bit. If you arent sure dont worry. Your Windows 7 pc will not let you install the wrong version. I verified the software works with my Canon EOS 60D files and NIKON D7000,     Continue ReadingMicrosoft Camera Codec Pack – OPEN NIKON, CANON RAW FILES in WINDOWS 7