Nikon Establishes Hollywood Video Credentials as the D800 Lands Leading Roles FX and Showtime Networks Cast Multimedia HD-SLR and NIKKOR Glass for Hit Television Series “Wilfred” and “Dexter” MELVILLE, N.Y. – After introducing the award-winning D800 to critical acclaim earlier this year, Nikon Inc. proudly announces that the multimedia HD-SLR with groundbreaking cinema features has started  to make a name for itself on Hollywood’s A-list.  In addition to landing leading roles in upcoming major motion pictures, the Nikon D800 and NIKKOR optics have also been tapped by major television networks FX and Showtime to help capture their respective hit television series “Wilfred” and “Dexter.” Setting a new standard for the use of HD-SLRs in professional video production, “Wilfred” is currently the Continue ReadingNIKON D800 MAKES IT IN HOLLYWOOD


Be careful who you place orders from when trying to snag a D800. If your one of the folks chasing around links on forums following the advice of who has a Nikon D800 in stock at any given moment. I recently learned a painful experience. Some retailers notably Best Buy and Dell have a huge lag in real-time inventory. The lag can be in the case of Best Buy up to 28 hours. This means you think you have been successful in placing an order only to learn later that your D800 has been placed on backorder status. You might be inclined to think that while disappointing it’s no big deal. Well your wrong. The problem is these companies reserve Continue ReadingPRE ORDER NIKON D800 – CAUTION


So you are red hot to get the NIKON D800. You have it PRE ORDERED from ADORAMA, AMAZON.COM, BH, ABES of MAINE and who knows how many other places. Your getting frustrated that others are getting their D800’s and D800E’s. Here’s the thing. Most people figure that the big online retailers will get served better from Nikon than the local camera shop. Well that may be true but the problem is simple. Your local camera shop gets a few cameras a week from Nikon and they usually have a short waiting list. The big retailers might get a few dozen or several times that of the local camera shop. The problem is the waiting list his 100’s of times longer Continue ReadingNIKON D800 IN STOCK – NOT QUITE

NIKON D800 6FPS with the MB-12 and EN-EL18

Nikon BL-5 Battery Chamber Cover

NIKON D800 6FPS with the MB-12 and EN-EL18 I was reading in the Nikon D800 Manual that it is possible to increase the cameras frame rate to 6 frames per second  versus 4 frames per second with some additional hardware. That happens to cost quite a bit. If I understand Nikon correctly you can shoot 4fps in full frame mode at full resolution and 6fps in DX crop mode at full resolution. But if you want to go up to 5 or 6fps in full frame mode you can do it easily but at a very hefty price tag. The first item needed is the NIKON MB-12 BATTERY GRIP at $412.00. The MB-12 is at the heart of increasing the Continue ReadingNIKON D800 6FPS with the MB-12 and EN-EL18


Well I took the plunge and preordered a NIKON D800 back on May 4, 2012. In typical fashion Nikon is unable to fill the initial demand for the D800 and D800E. That’s ok I am a patient guy. This will cause a shift in my photography. I have since sold my NIKON D90 to a co worker. This is actually somewhat interesting in that it is his first DSLR and like always it gives me ideas to help others  learn as well as learn myself. My CANON 60D will serve as a backup and secondary camera. The NIKON D7000 which is technically the little womans will probably see little direct use from me. This will not affect site content as Continue ReadingNIKON D800 ON PREORDER