Be careful who you place orders from when trying to snag a D800. If your one of the folks chasing around links on forums following the advice of who has a Nikon D800 in stock at any given moment. I recently learned a painful experience. Some retailers notably Best Buy and Dell have a huge lag in real-time inventory. The lag can be in the case of Best Buy up to 28 hours. This means Continue ReadingPRE ORDER NIKON D800 – CAUTION

NIKON D800 6FPS with the MB-12 and EN-EL18

Nikon BL-5 Battery Chamber Cover

NIKON D800 6FPS with the MB-12 and EN-EL18 I was reading in the Nikon D800 Manual that it is possible to increase the cameras frame rate to 6 frames per second  versus 4 frames per second with some additional hardware. That happens to cost quite a bit. If I understand Nikon correctly you can shoot 4fps in full frame mode at full resolution and 6fps in DX crop mode at full resolution. But if you Continue ReadingNIKON D800 6FPS with the MB-12 and EN-EL18