Nikon D90 Exposure Modes Part 3 “Advanced Modes”   Manual (M) – Every setting is selected by the user for the ultimate in photographic creativity experience. Aperture Priority (A) – Choose this mode to control sharpness and how much of your image is in focus, depth of field. You select the f/stop and the D90 will automatically calculate the shutter speed. Shutter Priority (S) – This mode is mostly used for freezing action or creating blurr effects. You select the shutter speed and the D90 will calculate the f/top automatically. Program (P) – In this mode the D90 calculates many of the settings for proper exposure. These setting however can be overridden by you the camera operator. This mode is Continue ReadingNIKON D90 EXPOSURE MODES Part 3 “ADVANCED MODES”


NIKON D90 EXPOSURE MODES Part 2 “SCENE MODES”   Auto – This is essentially point and shoot mode. The camera makes every decision for you. If this is the only exposure mode you plan using you bought the wrong kind of camera and you will be missing the best that your Nikon D90 has to offer Auto without flash – This is as the name implies. All the settings are automatically calculated by the D90. The flash is disabled. You would use this mode anywhere flash might annoy a subject. Places like concerts and church are two examples. Portrait – Portrait mode is for taking sharp pictures of people while the background is intentionally slightly out of focus. This flash Continue ReadingNIKON D90 EXPOSURE MODES Part 2 “SCENE MODES”

Nikon D90 Exposure Modes Part 1

So you you have been plugging along with your D90 in AUTO mode since the day you took it out of the box. They only time you ever rotate the exposure selector is when you inadvertently switch it or someone else messes with the camera when your not looking. Well Im here to tell you to fear not. You will not break anything if you rotate it. The worse thing that will happen is a bad picture. In fact when you are done at this site you just may never use the AUTO exposure mode again There are 11 possible exposure settings to choose from on the selector. Auto Auto without flash Portrait Landscape Macro Action Night portrait Manual Aperture Continue ReadingNikon D90 Exposure Modes Part 1