Retouching Portraits

Erin on a Wall

Retouching Portraits I have spent a bulk of my time behind a camera photographing sporting goods, nature and pets. when it came to photographing people I have always taken a candid approach. Take a lot of pictures, crop the best ones and be done with it. Recently though I had the pleasure of getting a visit from my beautiful niece. We were out driving around and decided to visit a local park nearby for some Continue ReadingRetouching Portraits

How to Create a DNG File in Adobe Camera Raw

Recently I decided to get better control of the colors in my images by purchasing the X-RITE COLOR CHECKER PASSPORT. Upon reading the instructions I was a little mystified by the requirements for a .DNG or  DIGITAL NEGATIVE FILE. So I set out and did what anyone else would do I went to YouTube. I found the answer numerous times as part of larger tutorials that were way beyond my memory capacity. I prefer baby Continue ReadingHow to Create a DNG File in Adobe Camera Raw