How to Create a DNG File in Adobe Camera Raw

Recently I decided to get better control of the colors in my images by purchasing the X-RITE COLOR CHECKER PASSPORT. Upon reading the instructions I was a little mystified by the requirements for a .DNG or  DIGITAL NEGATIVE FILE. So I set out and did what anyone else would do I went to YouTube. I found the answer numerous times as part of larger tutorials that were way beyond my memory capacity. I prefer baby steps. Below  is the simple sequence for creating .DNG files in ADOBE CAMERA RAW. It’s important to note that the .DNG files can be created in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and ADOBE BRIDGE (Probably other Adobe Applications as well). The process is quite simple: Double click a Continue ReadingHow to Create a DNG File in Adobe Camera Raw

RAW versus JPEG – What’s Best?

RAW versus JPEG – What’s Best? The answer is RAW! Ok now that we got that out of the way lets back up a little and see if we can really simplify the raw vs jpg debate. RAW vs JPEG Differences Simplified Raw – a raw image is a picture that’s recorded EXACTLY as your camera saw it. JPEG (jpg) – The JPEG is your cameras attempt to take what the camera saw and convert it to a presentable picture at a much file size. RAW Pros and Cons Simplified Pro – Think of the raw file as a perfect copy of the picture you took. It’s a one of a kind “Master File”. Compare it to a 35mm film Continue ReadingRAW versus JPEG – What’s Best?