How to Create a DNG File in Adobe Camera Raw

Recently I decided to get better control of the colors in my images by purchasing the X-RITE COLOR CHECKER PASSPORT. Upon reading the instructions I was a little mystified by the requirements for a .DNG or  DIGITAL NEGATIVE FILE. So I set out and did what anyone else would do I went to YouTube. I found the answer numerous times as part of larger tutorials that were way beyond my memory capacity. I prefer baby Continue ReadingHow to Create a DNG File in Adobe Camera Raw

RAW versus JPEG – What’s Best?

RAW versus JPEG – What’s Best? The answer is RAW! Ok now that we got that out of the way lets back up a little and see if we can really simplify the raw vs jpg debate. RAW vs JPEG Differences Simplified Raw – a raw image is a picture that’s recorded EXACTLY as your camera saw it. JPEG (jpg) – The JPEG is your cameras attempt to take what the camera saw and convert Continue ReadingRAW versus JPEG – What’s Best?