myLightMeter PRO IPhone Light Meter App

IPHONE LIGHT METER APPS Subject: iPHONE LIGHT METER APPS. As photography skills develop, improve and grow so does the list of tools and accessories you need grow. This is typical of most hobbies and professions. One such tool I have have been using extensively over the past year is a SEKONIC LIGHT METER 401-478 LITEMASTER PRO L-478D. I have come to rely on the Sekonic both in my home studio and in the field. The LIGHT METER has has greatly improved my ability to get properly exposed images right from the start. My NIKON D810 does a pretty good job with exposure compared to other DSLR’s but it’s built in LIGHT METER is just not as good or versatile as Continue ReadingIPHONE LIGHT METER APPS | LIGHT METER