Nikon MC-DC2 Remote Release Cord #25395 This fantastic accessory was released specifically for the Nikon D90. Simply plug the cable in to the D90 GPS port and your good to go. This remote is my preferred method of remote shutter release. I utilize it 100% of the time when my D90 is mounted on a tripod.  

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows

If anyone reading this has experience with DSLR Remote Pro for Windows I would love to hear about it. DSLR Remote Pro for Windows…The professional’s software solution for remotely controlling your Canon EOS digital SLR from a Windows PC using a FireWire or USB cable. DSLR Remote Pro for Windows now includes a complete software solution for a professional photobooth. Please see our photobooth page to find out more. DSLR Remote Pro for Windows supports Continue ReadingDSLR Remote Pro for Windows